How to Start a blog successfully? A complete Guideline to Build and run a Blog

Starting your blogging life is not so easy. At first, you need to find out, why you want to start a blog, what you will write about, what is your blogging niche (topic). It’s very significant to answer these before you start your blogging life.

When I was trying to start my blogging life, I was in very confusion, how & where will I start my blogging perfectly. I was striving to find the answer of starting blogging. But I was unable to find it by searching google. There have tons of tips on many blogs. But these were not full Guidelines.

I was trying to find out all the steps, I have to do before starting to write my blog, but in all blog, they are providing the same things about Domain, Hosting and installing the WordPress only. Yes, selecting a best hosting provider is a crucial part part there are also many other things you might take care. What is a blog and what is blogging? But I have a question, what should I do then after launching my blog. Will I start blogging or other? But there has no enough resources or tutorial about it.

So I feel the necessity of it, then I started to record all the steps before starting to write an article on my blog with the experience of my blogging. I think, if you are a newbie in blogging, you have the same questions in your mind. So, I will try to give a complete and answer about running your blog and when will you start to write for your blog? If you want to learn the guidelines for starting a blog, then Read the article first to last. I am pretty sure if you want to start your blogging life successfully then this article will greatly help you.

So, How to Start A Blog/Website Successfully – Free Guide

Why start a blog

Before you begin to start building a blog ask yourself why you need it? Some most common reason that enthusiast a person to start a blog.

  • Just for Fun
  • A persona blog
  • Want to Make money
  • Want your physical business existence at online
  • Developing additional skills
  • It can expand your social circle etc. etc…

Should I Start a Blog

Well, there is no restrictions on this but if you have some unique idea then don’t waste the time buckle up and start blogging. And don’t think that blogging is just a part time activity. You need to give time properly to Blog.

Choosing a platform for Blog

First of all, you have to choose your web platforms that mean which blogging platform you want for blogging smoothly and perfectly. The main two platforms are WordPress, Blogger, Joomla and Drupal, etc. I will discuss blogger first; it is a free blogging platform of Google.

If you want to start with blogger, your blog name will be like this it was very popular in the past. But it is not a good idea to start with free blogger account now. It is too unprofessional nowadays. Though you will able to transfer blogger in a unique domain later, most of the bloggers now don’t like this platform due to its limited features and complexity.

So, I will suggest you not to begin with free blogger. Then what you choose for your better blogging- Now most of the bloggers run their blog with WordPress. They prefer WordPress because it is so easy to modify and customize by your own choice. If you don’t have any knowledge in programming, then you can easily install it and will be able to customize as well. It has many feature & different design.

So it is too easy to run your blog with WordPress. Now you have made your mind about the web platform, then the next step is domain and hosting

Choose your Domain & Hosting:

A domain is site address, where a user will find you and your tips. It is like Such as my domain name is And hosting is your web space, where you will keep your article, images, videos and others web product. It is so tough to select a good hosting company due to the bombardment of companies in this industry.

Bluehost is a reliable hosting provider that offer cost-effective plans. And for the first year, they also offer free domain name. So it’s a pretty good option for the newbies.

Install WordPress:

When you will complete choosing domain & hosting then the next step is to install WordPress. (You can run your blog by using others platforms, but I highly recommend choosing WordPress) WordPress is too much comfortable to use and most of the bloggers using this platform. Also, WordPress is considered a search engine friendly.

Choose a theme for your blog: WordPress has preloaded some default templates

You can use that pre-designed themes for your blog, or you can find tons of templates from your theme option of WordPress dashboard or by searching google. You will find some limitations in a free WordPress theme. The free templates offer very limited options for these and cannot fulfill your all blogging needs. So, if you want to start blogging professionally with more passion in blogging and want to take attraction of many visitors and also want to earn more money by blogging I will suggest you choose a premium theme. The premium theme is SEO friendly, and it is so easy to modify with all of your needs. There are many providers who offer attractive, mobile and user-friendly themes. So, I will suggest you start your blogging journey with a premium theme for this I would recommend you Thrive Themes.

Change some default setting from your WP dashboard:

After the installation of WordPress in your blog and installing a theme, you need to change some default setting from your blog dashboard. Every time we make a fault about this. But it is so much important before starting your blog.

What is it-?

Change permalink:

Change your site default permalink setting. It is how you will want to show your blog title. To change from your WordPress dashboard: settings -> permalink changes it to “post name.” But I would recommend you to simply install Yoast plugin, which helps to change the permalinks of every post. Moreover, Yoast also helps you to fulfill the basic SEO requirements and also provide you the suggestions for improving the readability.

Discourage search Engine: You need to mark (tick) this option to discourage search engine

You will keep it unmarked until your site is totally complete to start for writing and it has no need to change anything for your site at this moment.

To change this setting, just go settings -> reading

But after making all the changes remember to un-check the box otherwise, the audience will not be able to see your site.

Design your site

In this time, take some time to think what to show where? Make a graph for your site, how to design it for your need and what options do you want to show on your site and make your site like this (your planning).

You have to install some plugin for this, such as All in one SEO/ Yoast SEO plugin, popular post plugin, social profile plugin and much more as your needs. In the last, I will suggest you go in all option of your dashboard to know them all. It will clear your concept about the work of all the option. It will reduce fear for your blog if you are not so much expert in WordPress.

Create a newsletter

You are required to create a newsletter for your site with mail chimp or others. It will be better for future to collect email address and you will able to mail them or notify them in the future about your new post and new offers from your blog. You will able to increase your visitor and make your blog more professional.

It is so important to use. When anyone subscribes your blog, he/she will get a mail from you automatically, when you release (publish) a new post or a new update. This subscriber mail inspires your visitor to visit your site.

Create a sitemap

When you submit your blog to any search engine like google, bing, yahoo it will need to provide a sitemap. So you have to create the sitemap of your blog. It is so easy to build in WordPress. A plugin can create a sitemap for your blog. You can also use Yoast SEO for the sitemap.

Install Some Essential Plugins:

Plugins can make your work easy and simple. Times are gone when you need to learn the programming language. Now things are done by just few clicks. At the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard navigate to Plugins -> Add new. Installing the below-recommended plugins.

  • Yoast SEO: This plugin helps the user to improve the search engine optimization which is very necessary for ranking at search engines. The plugin provides suggestions to improve the SEO as well as readability of the contents.
  • W3 Total Cache: This will increase the performance of your site. Remember that speed and uptime is considered as ranking factor at Google. Besides selecting a good hosting company, you also need to do some steps to improve the performance. So install the plugin.
  • UpdraftPlus: This is a backup creation plugin. You also activate this plugin immediately as backing up the data increase the safety of your contents. Read this guide for backup creation using updraftplus.
  • Jetpack by WordPress: It will provide you different useful features like security, statistics and optimizing images etc. It will protect your site against the brute force attacks.
  • Sucuri Security: One of the great plugin to secure websites and blogs. Additionally, they also offer free online security scanner and provide the suggestions about the weak points.

Writing Posts:

Writing posts/articles is the main part of the blogging. You can’t just write and write. You must do proper research before writing any article. Here are few guidelines that will help you in writing articles

  • Write lengthy and informative articles
  • Read other people articles to find the weak point and do include in your article
  • Use long tail keywords
  • Before writing on any topic, find out the level competition. There many tools available to find the difficulty of the keywords.
  • Also, double check the search volume before start writing.


So, if you want to begin your blogging life professionally, you have to follow the entire above steps. Do you believe, if you want to create a better life, you have to create a great basement in your starting life? So, if you want to start your blogging life completely, never quite any of the above steps. I realize it; it is not easy to remember the entire steps in a day.

So, complete the guideline step by step firstly, bookmarks the page in your web browser and when in needs, you will get the solution from this article and blog as well. So, start from today the first mentioning in the above step, if you want to build a successful blog. It is being taken by my practical experience of blogging. So, if you follow this guideline, I know you will start your blogging life successfully.


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