What Is A Domain Registrar And How Do I Choose One?

When you start a website, you need the following basic elements: domain name, web hosting, content, and template (design of the website). Each of these is an equally important item.

So in this article, we explain what the domain name is and what its importance in setting up the website?

What is a Domain Name?

The answer to these types of question is very simple. You start a website so that the contents of the site is reachable to the general public all around the world. For this, you can consider the domain name is like your address. The person who knows the address can surely access your site.

A domain name is the industry term for what everyone else calls a web address or website address. It’s what appears in the Address Bar of the visitor’s browser. Still, if you did not pick the point then you can visit Wikipedia for more details.

What is a Domain Registrar?

We hope now it is understood by you what is the domain name? So the question is where to get that domain name? Yes, of course, you are right, it is provided by the company and those companies are known as a domain registrar.

There are many registrars out there and which one you choose to purchase your domain through is completely up to you.

Suggestion to pick the Best Domain Registrar 2017

Here are some suggestions on things to consider when you are going to pick your domain registrar.


What kind of reputation do they have? Are they a well-known company in general? There are many companies that sell the domain names, web hosting, and email services to the general public.

Moreover, there are also search engine companies, who offer domain registration. They are potentially good choices because you know they are trustworthy.


Many of the most well-known companies out there are going to charge significantly more for their domain names. Some registrars attract the customers by offering low promotional prices.

Thus, another thing to look at is the rates the registrar charges for domain names. The rate is usually a yearly fee. The prices differ from one company to another. So before selecting a company, you should compare the prices and then make a purchase.

Renewal Prices

This something you care about much before selecting the domain registrar. Just take the example of Godaddy as they offer domain name at very low introductory prices but in the very next year, they offer jaw-dropping prices.

The low renewals can save a lot of money in the long run. So whenever you are going to select a company you should keep a keen on renewals.


What else do they include? Sometimes the domain registrar offers some add-ons for free such as domain privacy guard (WhoisGuard) and encryption certificate etc.

Having freebies can compensate your expense. So, also check before actually buying the domain that is they offer any kind of freebies.

Control Panel

What kind of control panel is offered? Does the registrar make it easy to set up your domain? An easy to use control panel consume your less time and so you can spend that time on the other productive activities.

We buy different domains from the NameCheap and we are very impressed by their control panel which makes the navigation much easier.

Support Services

Do they offer support services 24/7?

Do they offer phone, chat, email, or otherwise? Live support of some kind is great because, if you need to tweak your domain, set it up, create the redirect(s), or anything else, you may not want to wait a long time for a slow response from the registrar.

Therefore, any company that only offers email support may not be the right choice, but it depends on whether you are comfortable with slower responses. Also, they are some providers who maintain only the phone line. Yes, a phone line is a fast way for receiving the support services but many users can’t good in English and so hesitate via contacting via phone call.

We suggest you select a domain registrar that must offer live chat and for this we recommend NameCheap.

Can you get a free Domain Name?

There are some companies like the ipage who offer a free domain name along with the hosting.

So why pay a separate fee for the domain if you can get it free with other services? If you need a domain name as well as hosting then try to buy these two from the same company. Because if you buy from the different provider then you need to do some technical work i.e. pointing the domain to the hosting.


Definitely, do a little research before you choose your registrar, but not so much research that it hinders you from moving forward. Domains are affordable almost everywhere you buy them, usually only a few dollars or more per year. It’s not rocket science.

We recommend NameCheap for sure. Also, they include free WhoisGuard for the first year and charge a very little at renewal.

So, register your domain, and move on to bigger and better things like content and marketing!

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